WARNING - issued on eye lens 'vision threatening' infection

Contact lenses are commonly used as options to glasses.

Even as there are numerous benefits to wearing them, a brand new take a look at has issued a protection warning.

There are several approaches to manipulate bad sight; wearing glasses, getting laser eye surgery, and using contact lenses

Consistent with a take a look at published in the Ophthalmology magazine via university college London, 

those who put on day by day disposable touch lenses are 4 times as possibly to increase a rare sight contamination.

The danger also rises if those lenses are worn in a single day or whilst showering.

The symptoms of the contamination consist of:

• Sensation of something in the attention • Eye ache • Eye redness • Blurred imaginative and prescient • Sensitivity to light • immoderate tearing.

These signs and symptoms are because of AK .