Hip fracture risk may be higher for vegetarian women, know why

Although it is also unclear whether the increased risk of hip fracture among vegetarians in the study was

because eating meat was protective or some other factor, such as those participants being less likely to consume a balanced diet. 

Nutrient deficiency is the reason Webster says, “Meat and fish are rich in many nutrients related to bone health and reducing fracture risk. 

A 2020 study showed that vegetarians (both men and women) had a 25% higher risk of hip fractures than meat eaters.

Vegetarians may have lower BMI Lead author and postgraduate researcher James Webster from

 the Nutrition Epidemiology Group at the University of Leeds said the study found that vegetarians had lower BMIs on average.

Similarly, a US study in 2021 showed that vegetarians had a 17% higher risk of hip fractures than non-vegetarians.

The study found that vegetarian women were one-third more likely to have a hip fracture than regular meat eaters.