Tabu looks elegant even at the age of 50, he follows his fashion style

Tabu may have just turned 52, but in terms of beauty and fashion, he leaves a lot of beauties behind. 

You can also be inspired by her look.Who would not know the name of the actress Tabu. 

Ella Tabu has been a great actress in the 80's and 90's. Ella Tabu recently turned 52 years old. 

she surpasses many actresses. Let us tell you that she Tabu continues to wear dresses that range from traditional to edgy

Tabu's killer style was seen in a black colored dress. It is very difficult to tell her age in this look.

Tabu wears nothing short of a smile in a sleeveless black dress. Her open mane enhances her beauty.

If you are going to a party, then this Tabu dress will look very nice on you.

She can choose the color of the term and the cap according to her wish. With this you can also wear novelty makeup.

If you are going traditional then take an idea of ​​this look and outfit from Tabu.

Tabu hasn't worn much jewelry in this look. The different color of her saree completes her look.

Shimri saree with sleeveless top can also be the perfect option for you. You can also wear this type of saree in dark color.