Ban vape and e-cigarettes before more children get hooked

In a survey conducted by CAP, Subbarow said it was found that children, including girls from primary and secondary schools

were addicted to vaping and e-cigarettes and that youths were increasing their smoking habits.

"As such, the government must make an urgent decision to ban vape and e-cigarettes before

 more teenagers get hooked on nicotine smoke," he told the New Straits Times.

"The CAP survey also revealed that these vapes and e-cigarettes are like lollipops to these children because of the liquid fruit flavor," he said.

"Many young people who have never smoked cigarettes are using vapes and e-cigarettes, which are available in over 16,000 flavors.

"There are 8-year-old children who used to smoke cigarettes and are now buying vape devices because of the liquid that is sold in fruit flavors.