BEST TIPS: Why Hydrating and Moisturizing Aren’t the Same for Your Skin —

Hydration is fundamental

You may suppose hydration is something that handiest people with dry or dehydrated pores and skin want to fear about.

However hydrating your pores and skin is similar to hydrating your body: Your body needs hydration to look and feel its pleasant — and, no matter your skin kind, so does your skin. Why Hydrating and Moisturizing Aren’t the Same for Your Skin —

However what exactly is hydration? Is it similar to moisture? And with such a lot of extraordinary products claiming to provide you the hydrated skin you crave — oils and lotions and gels, oh my! — how do you select one that without a doubt gives your pores and skin the powerful dose of moisture it wishes?

Hydrator vs. Moisturizer: what’s the difference?

Scientifically, moisturizer is an umbrella time period for moisturizer sorts:

  • Emollients (fat and oils)
  • Squalene (oil)
  • moisturizers
  • occlusive

But in the world of advertising and marketing and the sector wherein we buy merchandise, the terminology has long past thru a makeover.

“[Hydrator and moisturizer] are advertising terms and can be described by means of the manufacturers pretty a lot but they need,” says Perry Romanowski, cosmetic chemist and co-founder of The splendor Brains.

But while there is no gold standard for what defines a hydrator and a moisturizer, for the maximum component, manufacturers use those phrases to differentiate how your pores and skin gets the moisture it needs.


Water on my own isn’t a robust sufficient aspect to preserve your pores and skin moisturized. It is also in all likelihood by the time you leave the toilet, it is evaporated away — at the side of your skin’s herbal oils. In truth, the more you wash your pores and skin without applying a moisturizer or hydrator, the much more likely your pores and skin will dry out.

The technical terms are occlusive, which you may see categorized as moisturizers and hydrators (humectants).

“Moisturizers… are oil-based substances, including occlusive agents, together with petrolatum or mineral oil, and emollients like esters and plant oils. They paintings via creating a seal on the floor of pores and skin that forest water from escaping. Additionally they make the skin sense smoother and less dry,” says Romanowski.

“Hydrators are substances called humectants, which include glycerin or hyaluronic acid, that absorb water from the atmosphere or your skin and hold it in area on your pores and skin.”

It is critical to apprehend that they paint very otherwise due to the fact what you select can make or damage your pores and skin fitness. The cease purpose is probably the identical — higher hydrated pores and skin — but the game plan to get there relies upon for your skin type.

The million-dollar question: which is high-quality to your pores and skin type?

There are a ton of different products on the market, from balms to oils to lotions, gels to ointments to moisturizers — but the fact is, maximum of them do the same element.

“most skin lotions [and products] will incorporate each occlusive and emollient components and humectant ingredients — in order that they moisturize and hydrate at the same time,” says Romanowski.

“The unique shape that a product takes, gel, balm, oil, cream, and so on., doesn’t truly affect the overall performance of the product. It is the components that are counted. The form simply impacts the enjoy of making use of the ingredients.”

That being stated, examine the ingredients and experiment. Occasionally your pores and skin might do higher with most effective a moisturizer or hydrator, no longer each. By studying precisely how your pores and skin loves to drink, you maximize your way to hydrated skin.

When you have dry skin, try a thicker moisturizer

If your pores and skin is certainly dry yr-round and tends to flake or peel, chances are, it is not climate-associated dehydration that is inflicting your dryness — your skin simply has a tough time maintaining moisture.

For that, you may want to moisturize to create a defensive seal on the surface to fasten in moisture. A thick, emollient moisturizer will assist prevent water from leaving your skin and, with the proper formulation, will offer the vitamins and nourishment your complexion wishes to thrive all winter lengthy.

In case your pores and skin is without a doubt dry, what is the first-rate answer? Exact, old fashioned petroleum jelly, also referred to as petrolatum. “For clearly dry skin, occlusive agents are the high-quality — some thing with petrolatum works the satisfactory,” says Romanowski.

“however if someone desires to keep away from petrolatum, [then] shea butter or canola oil or soybean oil can work. In fact, petrolatum is the best, however.”

Elements you may clearly want to attempt: petrolatum, oils inclusive of plant oils, like jojoba oil, and nut oils, like coconut oil

If you have dehydrated skin, strive to hydrate serum

In case your skin is dehydrated, you need to actively upload water again into the pores and skin. Look for a hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid, which keeps an excellent 1,000 times its weight in water — and could add a wholesome dose of hydration lower back into the pores and skin.

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Substances you will certainly want to attempt: hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, honey


1. Goal to drink masses of water. A very good intention is at the least 1/2 of your body weight in ounces of water every day. So, in case you weigh 150 pounds, shoot for seventy five oz. Of water in keeping with day.

2. Add water-rich foods including watermelon, strawberries, and cucumber. These can help give your skin and body the hydration it wishes to appearance and sense its fine.

When you have oily pores and skin, try water-primarily based hydrators and moisturizers

Simply because you’ve got an oily pores and skin type does not imply your pores and skin isn’t dehydrated. And if your pores and skin is dehydrated, it could truly exacerbate your oil problems.

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Humans with oily skin regularly have a compromised barrier characteristic, which makes it tough for his or her skin to maintain moisture. As moisture leaves the pores and skin, it becomes dehydrated, causing the pores and skin to provide greater oil.

It is a vicious cycle, and the simplest way to break it is to offer your pores and skin the proper hydration and moisture it wishes.

Search for water-based, non-comedogenic hydrators and moisturizers. Water-based merchandise will sense lighter at the pores and skin and might not clog your pores.

But how do if the product will moisturize or hydrate?

So, final verdict, with regards to preserving your skin hydrated, that is better: hydrator or moisturizer?

The answer might be each.

As we referred to above, all of it relies upon in your pores and skin kind and maximum not unusual lotions do each. But in case you’re a skin care hobbyist who is dabbling in single elements and 10-step routines, you may be doing it wrong.

Here is a reachable desk to help decide whether you are keeping your pores and skin healthy with the proper ingredients.

IngredientMoisturizer (occlusive) or hydrator (humectant)
shea buttermoisturizer
snail mucinhydrator
nut or seed oil, such as coconut,
almond, hemp
plant oils such as squalene,
jojoba, rosehip, tea tree
mineral oilmoisturizer
lactic acidhydrator
ceramidetechnically neither {ceramides strengthen
the skin’s barrier to help prevent moisture

It also does not hurt to use each a moisturizer and hydrator. Simply hydrate through making use of humectants like hyaluronic acid first, then observe up with an occlusive like plant oils to fasten it in.

Or, in case you need to preserve matters easy, look for a product that does both. Face masks are an awesome option to get the only- punch to hydrate and moisturize your skin with an unmarried product.

In case you need a plump, hydrated complexion and r-round, the solution is never just one or the other. After all, there will truly be some point, like winter weather, in which you may want to hydrate and moisturize — the key is understanding while.

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